About Premier

As you know, being healthy and fit are two important traits for enjoying life. This is why anyone who is ready to find a gym and get fit will be happy with the Premier gym of Lubbock, Texas - Premier Sportsplex.Premier Sportsplex fitness programs are available for every level of fitness from beginners to seasoned pros.

Regardless of whether your goals are losing weight, controlling diabetes, increasing muscle tone, or improving overall personal fitness; Premier Sportsplex provides a comfy, high-energy facility making it easy to jump-start an ongoing, lifelong fitness lifestyle.

Personal trainers are available for everyone who needs to know how to develop their not-yet-in-shape body to become and stay healthy without injury.

The Premier Sportsplex facility is an indoor/outdoor, multilevel, unique workout facility with more activities than any club, gym, spa, or fitness facility in Lubbock.

Whether it’s a friend, your body, or your doctor who has given you THE ultimatum; it is time to find a gym and you are ready because

  • you have THE WANT TO
  • you are making THE TIME TO
  • your are ready to learn HOW TO lose weight, get fit, and stay healthy

Premier Sportsplex provides easy access for all South Lubbock’s residents who are ready to find a gym. Just imagine walking into Premier Sportsplex with its exciting tempo and high energy and you notice your desire to work out and stay in shape is increasing.

Premier Sportsplex is the place to be, located between LakeRidge Country Club and Raintree at 9000 Memphis Avenue.