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Ball Sculpting (Suicide)

Ball sculpting is a class that works just about every major muscle in your body. A sculpting ball is a small exercise ball around four pounds used in the class, it is really just used as a free weight you can handle with just one hand if needed, while also incorporating a light set of dumbbells and a heavier set along with a large medicine ball for the core strengthening. The idea of the class is to increase strength while working on flexibility and stamina. The sculpting ball helps to build balance and work on form and technique because you are required to hold the ball in a stationary position while working on different leg exercises. The dumbbells are used to increase strength by adding weight to the different moves you do throughout the class and increase the level of difficulty. Once you move on to the ball exercises it focuses again on some balance and core strengthening. All together it produces a class that not only brings serious soreness but serious results!! This great class allows you to feel great and meet some great people here at premier with regulars that have been loyal to the class for as long as THREE YEARS!! With a little bit of encouragement the class is tons of fun, it helps you really push yourself a little further than you might normally go trying a solo workout at home. Ball Suicide as the teacher Nathalie Martinez calls it really pumps out results. So come see for yourself and don’t miss your once a week shot every Monday at 7:30pm to meet some great people and get into even better shape!


Joe Sobek is said to have come up with a modernized version of the sport of racquetball in 1950. Sobek was a professional tennis and handball player seeking a fast-paced sport that was easy to learn and play. His desire to come up with this type of sport led him to the game we know today as racquetball. Racquetball is a sport played with a racquet and a rubber ball. It can be played both indoor and outdoor. Unlike most sports, racquetball has no out-of-bounds areas, and the floor, ceiling, and walls are all fair play. A standard rectangular racquetball court is forty feet long, twenty feet wide, and twenty feet high.
To play racquetball you will need the following equipment: a racquetball, a racquetball racquet, and racquetball eye guards (to protect the eyes from permanent injury if the ball hits the face). Racquetball can be played with anywhere from one to four people, although single and double matches are the most common. Other games commonly played in the sport of racquetball are “Cut-throat” and “California” which are three player games, “Ironman” a two-on-one game, and “In-and-Out” and “King of the court which are both one-on-one games.
Many Americans engage in the sport of racquetball as a way to get their cardiovascular workout in. Racquetball is a great way to maintain a high level of physical activity everyday. Playing racquetball engages many different muscles in the body, which allows for a full body workout. Although playing racquetball can be a very competitive sport, some people use it as a way to catch up and spend time with friends while still staying in shape.
The overall strategy of racquetball is to maintain position in the canter of the court. Staying the in center of the court will most likely allow players to react quickly to anywhere the ball might be. It will also put opponents at a disadvantage when trying to get the best position to replay the racquetball.

Childhood Obesity – Are your kids active enough?

A major problem today is child obesity and its long term effects such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety and even depression. Keeping your children active increases not only their health but improves their social skills immensely. Although most children are incredibly hyper active some times the solution may simply be a diet adjustment, or sometimes obesity may just run in the family. Either way you look at it the cycle must be broken, the percentage of over weight children grows each year making these kids prone to all these terrible diseases that no one should have to deal with.
One good way to keep this from happening to your child is cutting out the cokes and other carbonated drinks and replacing them with 100% real fruit juices or water would be ideal. Another great way to keep him/her healthy is by playing games that require your child to run around rather than playing video games or watching television. Trying your kid in sports can also be another solution, this way he or she will be active and social and the experience is always a positive thing. Exercise is one thing but a healthy diet is very VERY important as well. A diet with a child may seem like spittin’ in the wind but it doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. Keep your meals and even snacks planned out, and keeps the snacks as healthy as possibly and do not allow continuous snacking, It can always lead to over eating. Also try to eat as a family as much as possible so you can monitor his or her eating habits and move on from there. Healthy foods sometimes are not the tastiest but often times there are plenty of healthy recipes for the same things you eat on a regular bases such as hamburgers, spaghetti, pizza, etc. Try those healthier recipes without telling your kids and see if they take to it, if so continue on. And for the sports here a Premier we have WINTER SPORTS MANIA CAMP! Session start Monday, December 19th. Just remember do whatever you as a parent must do to keep your child’s health in the forefront of your mind. Childhood obesity can be overcome!

The Benefits of Exercise for Diabetics

Exercise has positive affects on diabetics in many ways by lowering blood sugar levels, improving insulin sensitivity and strengthening ones heart. There are always some risks for diabetics when they begin an intense workout and should consult their personal physicians before beginning. If they give you the green light and decide to go for it here are some great exercise ideas:
Beginning with aerobic exercises, you can do a wide array of things from stair climbers, cycling, swimming or elliptical machine. After that if you feel up the challenge you can move up to strength training using bands or free weights. The last thing to work on is flexibility exercises, Yoga and Pilates will cover that section. Remember a personal trainer can be an enormous contribution to your workout and more often than not is worth the extra expense. Also consider educating yourself by attending classes at your local hospital and reading up on the disease. Those are just some general ideas; exercise is a huge benefit to any diabetic looking to control the metabolic disease. There is no real cure for the disease but this does not mean you can’t tame it and live a long, healthy life. Implementing a monitored diet and exercise, the most affective ways to keep it in control, diabetes becomes manageable. These two tools keep your weight in control, improve your blood pressure, increase your circulation decreasing risks of any other heart diseases and overall improve your health and isn’t that something everyone could use. Although it might be harder for a diabetic (but just as if not more important) to work out due to blood pressure and sugar level complications, it is completely worth the time and effort because it can and will make you blood sugars much easier to control. Also feeling good mentally will have an affect on the way you feel physically. If you are looking to prevent type 2 diabetes aerobics and condition training are known to decrease your chances of obtaining the disease by a large amount leading you away from diabetes. So simply exercise using the right plans and routines for your particular situation and you can prevent or control diabetes and all of its affects on your body!

Thankful at Premier for exercise and fitness

For those of you who haven’t already realized that Thanksgiving is only nine days away, here is your wake-up call so you better get ready with exercise! For many Americans, the Thanksgiving holiday helps people put into perspective just how much they have to be thankful for.

Here at Premier Sportsplex, we are thankful for our personal trainers, Group X instructors, childcare personnel, Kids Fit instructors, sales staff, Xtreme Speed staff, Maxout staff, office manager, maintenance manager, and front-desk personnel.

Each of these positions has their own special job that contributes to keeping this gym running as smoothly as possible. The personal trainers here at Premier Sportsplex encourage our members to stay in shape by working one-on-one with each of their clients to help motivate them to exercise regularly. Our Group X instructors here at Premier Sportsplex take pride in their job and therefore encourage all members at the gym to try out all of the classes at least once. These instructors prefer to teach classes because they feel like they can reach a larger group of people, which in return helps more people to stay in shape. Throughout the week, childcare is provided to all members who do not have a place to take their children while they workout. The childcare personnel look forward to spending time and getting to know the children around Premier Sportsplex. They always do their best to make sure every kid has a great time while their parents are working out. From 5-8 every week day, our Kids Fit instructors spend time with the kids who are too old to be in childcare. The sales staff here at Premier Sportsplex is always ready to answer any questions prospective members have about the facility or joining. They are always looking for new ways to get everyone in town involved in all that Premier has to offer. The Xtreme Speed and Maxout Programs here at Premier work everyday to help people get into the best shape of their life. The office manager, maintenance manager, club manager, assistant club manager, and front desk personnel here at Premier Sportsplex spend everyday thinking of new ways they can individually help to improve the gym.

Each of these positions are filled with staff who wants every member at Premier to be involved in all the functions we have going on everyday. Without all of these people coming together to form one big happy family, Premier Sportsplex would not be able to function at the high level that we do today. Most importantly please remember, we couldn’t do any of it without our members who come to exercise at Premier and brighten our day!