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Premier offers TEAM ONLY leagues at this point
The following rules are specific to Premier Sportsplex.

In some leagues, age divisions will be separated:
  • NBA Division: Highly competitive and experienced teams
  • NCAA Division: Newly formed or developing community teams
    League administrators reserve the right to place a team in the proper division.
    ** Determination will be made at entry deadline as to whether a division will make.
All Premier Leagues are Grade Based.
  • All Premier leagues will be grade based only. Our purpose is to allow all eligible players to play with their current grade or higher if so desired..Even if grade eligible, no player may play in a division where that player is more than one year older than the appropriate age for that division
  • For determining eligibility only, the appropriate ages are as follows:
  1/2 Grade/7 and 8 years
3rd Grade/9 years
4th Grade/10 years
5th Grade/11 years
6th Grade/12 years
7th Grade/ 13 years
8th grade 14 years
9th-10th grade/ 16 years
11th-12th grade/ 18 years
  • The age determining date for applying the maximum age rule is September 1. For example, a 7th grader who turned 14 before September 1 is not eligible to play in the 7th grade division. This will allow all players who are eligible to play on grade level with their school team (UIL) to also play on that level in the Premier Leagues.
  • A player may NOT play on two (2) teams in the same age division, however may play on another team in a different age division. No scheduling consideration will be made for the second team.
  1. National Federation of High School (NFHS) rules will be used unless otherwise noted below.

  2. Clock:
    All grades will play 2-20 minute halves. The clock will be stopping in the last 2 minutes of the second half. Two minute overtime until winner is declared. Clock will stop on all dead balls in overtime.

  3. Rim Height: 1st/2nd Grade: 9' Rims
    All other ages: 10' Rims

  4. Time Outs: Each team will receive two full and two-30 second time outs per game. One full time out will be added for overtime period.

  5. Each team is responsible for providing their team uniform. Each team should declare a name and jersey color as soon as possible. Reversible jerseys are preferable.

  6. There will be no playing restrictions in any league. Playing rotations are left to the discretion of the individual coach.

  7. Free Throws:
    1st through 3rd Grades
    All other ages:

    13 Feet
    15 Feet
  8. Full Court Press:

    1st and 2nd Grade:
    3rd Grade:
    All other ages:

    Last two minutes of the second half.
    Last five minutes of the second half.
    Full court press at any time of game
  9. No team may press if they are ahead by twenty (20) points or more.

  10. Size of Basketball
    First through third grades :
    Fourth and fifth grades:
    Sixth grade and up:

    29.5 (official size)
    First through third grades:
    Fourth grade and up:

    28.5 (women's size)

  11. Schedules:
    All weekdays and Saturdays are possible for game days. It will usually be known at registration what days of the week your league will be playing games.
    ** Any conflicts that are made aware of at registration will be considered, but there is no guarantee. There are too many teams to attempt to honor scheduling requests.

  12. A single elimination tournament is possible for each league. Some leagues will play a tournament, and some will not.

  13. Waiver:
    ANY player who participates in any activity at Premier Sportsplex is REQUIRED to have a waiver on file completed by parent or guardian.
    Please be sure this is completed prior to the first game.

  14. Five players are required to start a game. Two required to finish. If a team does not have five players, 10 minutes after designated starting time, the game will be declared a forfeit. If a team has to forfeit two games during a season, they will be dropped from the league and no refund will be given.

  15. Each team is responsible to provide one adult bookkeeper OR one adult to run the clock.

  16. Any player, coach, parent or fan that is ejected from a game for either a flagrant or unsportsmanlike foul will be required to leave the court and the facility. Any player or coach who receives a second ejection for flagrant or unsportsmanlike behavior will be disqualified for the remainder of the season. Any behavior that is disrespectful or hostile either physical or verbal will NOT be tolerated. Premier officials reserve the right to suspend players, coaches, and parents to ensure the spirit of fair play for all involved.
  • No smoking anywhere in the building.
  • Please use north parking lot and parking along the street where available.
  • Secure all valuables before leaving the facility. Premier is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables or other personal belongings.
  • No food, or drink other than water is allowed on hardwood floors. This includes team benches.
  • Food and drink is allowed in bleachers and viewing areas.
  • ALL CHILDREN must be accompanied by parents or an adult. Spectators are expected to monitor children and respect the members only parts of the facility.
  • Any vandalism to the facility will result in immediate removal.

Printable Basketball Rules

Player Release and Waiver

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